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We are an international multidisciplinary team that offers to entrepreneurs who produce quality a turnkey integrated solution that includes strategic consulting, national and international tax planning, premium marketing and digital communication, export management and business development.

Stubborn on vision, flexible on details | Jeff Bezos



We provide to professionals and small businesses the tools and the skills of the big multinationals, to allow them to compete on equal terms in the premium segment.



We help businesses with turnover up to 10 million euros to optimise the total tax rate and reach the high-spending segment of their market niche, by re-aligning marketing and communication and by planning business development actions aimed at internationalization.


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The integrated multidisciplinary know-how of our group

Until today

You will often have used external consultants for the development of your business and you may also have been offered valid solutions. But the problem arises when it comes to putting them into practice. Why?
Because the strategic consultant identifies the optimal solution with you, but the marketing manager does not agree and directs those who deal with communication in a different way. Also the web designer "knows how things have to be done" and while the social media manager informs you that some new like has arrived, your commercial network can not finalize sales and the accountant warns you that many of the costs incurred are non-deductible and you will have to pay more taxes.

Does it sound familiar?

For your future

Take advantage of the multidisciplinary consulting and integrated development offered by our group. Thanks to the support of our team of consultants, who will work with you and your professional structure, you will obtain planning and execution of a turnkey business development plan that can include according to your needs:

The national and international tax planning aimed at reducing the total tax rate, also thanks to the establishment of national and foreign holding companies and the use of trademarks, patents and royalties.

Tax planning

A premium marketing and digital communication strategy aimed at enhancing the differentiating elements of your company and repositioning it in the high-end segment of your market niche.

Premium marketing

A business development action aimed at improving your sales network and to the internationalization of your target market to be implemented through export management services.


You can also take advantage of special discounts applied by our partners.

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Price is what you pay, value is what you get | Warren Buffet


Our story

Professionals since 2003

If you don't practise you don't deserve to win | Andre Agassi


We started as web designers and programmers in Italy in 2003, when notebooks were a luxury and smartphone, mobile internet and social media did not exist.


Today we are a 100% online international and multidisciplinary realty with partners, collaborators and customers in different countries in Europe and around the world.


We believe that our future is in the quality and added value of our premium services, so we invest every energy to improve ourselves.

The ExportWise brand was created in 2020 to offer to the market business development and temporary export management services dedicated to the quality industry and offered to customers thanks to our international network of collaborators. Contextual to the strengthening of exports is the project financing service offered by Tax Planner and aimed at finding financial resources through access to national and European funds allocated for this purpose. In most cases, the solutions proposed to the client are the result of the multidisciplinary strategic consulting service we offer as a group.


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We help to internationalize the market of qualitative made in Italy products

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Multidisciplinary Consulting
Our multidisciplinary team provides to SMEs the strategic consulting and the tools of the large multinationals to compete in the premium segment.
Marketing & Communication
We help companies to develop marketing and communication strategies aimed at the positioning in the premium segment of their market niche.
International Tax Planning
We offer tax planning and project financing, registration of trademarks and patents, formation of national and foreign holding companies and groups.
Export Management
We help the Italian industry to export Made in Italy in the world through a global network of temporary export managers and business developers.
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